UPDATED 01/07/2018

CAST THEM ALL DOWN - 01/07/2018

2 Corinthians 10:5. We are to cast down every wicked imagination. The challenge with this is; it's not always the devil's imagination that needs casting down, but sometimes our own imaginations against our own progress. Any thought we allow or generate, opposite the will of God for us is a wicked imagination. For the plan of God concerning us is a plan of good and not evil, to bring us to an expected end of the good work He has started in us.



Sometimes you may wonder why a faithful Christian like you should be in some trials that you face. But the truth is God can lead you through the troubled waters; because your enimies can't swim. Some storms will actually quicken your journey to your destiny.



Problems in life are like trees, they have a root, and did not just appear overnight but arrived in our lives with time. If we keep a watchful eye on our lives, we will prevent many problems from growing into maturity. It is good to have a habit of solving problems, but it's much wiser to have a habit of preventing them.


WE ARE VICTORIOUS - 16/04/2018

As Christians, we win every situation and lose none. This is because of the divine agenda of God, at work in our lives. What some people may think is a defeat is actually a victory to your credit. Jesus was stripped naked, beaten up mercilessly and hanged on the cross untill He died. But through His death and ressurection, He earned the Name above every other name and now rules victoriously over every battle and situation.


THE TIME OF GOD - 20/03/2018

The fact that a car is moving very fast does not guarantee that it will reach its destination. And a car moving slow does not mean it won't reach its destination. The only guarantee of destination is if God orders the car to be driven fast or slow. He is the maker of time and speed.  


BE HUMBLE SOME MORE - 10/03/2018

It was pride that changed angels to demons; It is humility that changes humans into saints. Blessed are the humble, for they are cherished in the sight of all men and even God.